Off Road Campervan Tours in Kazakhstan

Welcome to the Almaty Region!

The Almaty region is the most popular tourist attraction in Kazakhstan mainly due to Almaty, the southern capital, the largest city of state importance and the unofficial regional center.

It is one of the most interesting and picturesque regions of the country. The extensive flowering area is famous for the majestic mountains and canyons of Tien Shan, countless rivers and endless steppes of Jetysu (Semirechye, or the Seven Rivers), natural parks and ancient artifacts.

You can follow the tracks of the Saka nomads, the route of the Great Silk Road and visit the places conquered by Genghis Khan.

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About is the first and the only company in Kazakhstan that offers campervan tours to the most interesting places in Kazakhstan with accommodation in equipped off-road campers.

What to see in Kazakhstan? In search of the answer, we have made a lot of independent trips. Now we use our vast experience to organize tailor-made adventure tours for you to discover the amazing land of Kazakhstan.

We invite you to our state national parks and places of untouched nature where you can enjoy secluded relaxation and informal excursions, and experience off-road drive and outdoor activities such as enduro motorcycle rides and trips on military off-road vehicles.

Off Road Campervan Tours in the Almaty Region

To go outdoors is not about sacrificing comfort. We bring house and home to the place where you want to stay longer.

No need to rush. No need to keep regular hours. No need to follow common routes.

Welcome to, the travel project for those who love freedom.

4x4 Campervan Tour to Charyn National Park

4x4 Campervan Tour to Charyn National Park

The most popular tourist spot in the Almaty Region

Tour Highlights:

Relic ash grove (UNESCO site)

Charyn Canyon (UNESCO site)

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4x4 Campervan Tour to Altyn-Emel National Park

4x4 Campervan Tour to Altyn-Emel National Park

The desertscape of the Kazakhstan steppe

Tour Highlights:

Aygaykum (singing sand dune)

Aktau (cretaceous mountains)

Katutau (volcanic mountains)

Besshatyr (grave-mounds of the rulers of the Saka nomads)

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6x6 Campervan Tour to Ile-Alatau National Park

6x6 Campervan Tour to Ile-Alatau National Park

The most picturesque route in the Almaty Mountains

Tour Highlights:

Assy high-mountain plateau

Assy observatory

Turgen waterfalls (Kairak waterfall)

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4x4 Campervan Tour to Red Mountains Boguty

4x4 Campervan Tour to Red Mountains Boguty

The part of Charyn you may have not seen

Tour Highlights:

Red Mountains Boguty (Bogety)

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Off Road Motorbike Tours in the Almaty Region

If you have a passion for biking in beautiful nature, or want to explore hard-to-reach places, but you don’t have an off-road motorcycle, a car for its transportation, you don't know the roads, or you don’t have a suitable company, we can give it all to you!

Go with us for an adventure tour on enduro motorcycles!

Motorbike Tour to Red Mountains Boguty

Motorbike Tour to Red Mountains Boguty

An exciting trip around the fantastic Martian landscape of the Red Mountains Boguty (Bogety)

Motorbike Tour to Ushkonyr Plateau

Motorbike Tour to Ushkonyr Plateau

One of the most beautiful places near Almaty with a magnificent panorama of the city underneath

Motorbike Tour to Assy High-Mountain Plateau

Motorbike Tour to Assy High-Mountain Plateau

Scenic beauty of the Turgen Gorge, high-mountain summer pasture (jailau) and Bartogai Lake

Summer Campervan Tours

In summer, there are so many picturesque places in Almaty and its surroundings that even during the long summer months (summer here lasts from May to October) it is difficult to see all of them. This season is ideal for exploring Kazakhstan.

We can suggest you the best summer campervan tours depending on your needs. Or you can plan your own trip choosing from the below campsites in the Almaty region.

Make good use of your summer holiday - recharge your batteries with natural energy for a whole year and surprise your friends becoming a real explorer and connoisseur of our land!

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Assy River

High-mountain river


Assy Plateau

Alpine grassland (jailau)



Ancient petroglyphs



High-mountain plateau


Kairak Waterfall

Turgen gorge


Charyn River

Relic ash grove


Butakovka Gorge

Zaili Alatau


Kolsai and Kaindy

High-mountain lakes


We also organize campervan tours to Issyk-Kul Lake in neighboring Kyrgyzstan.

Winter Campervan Tours

Winter tourism in the Almaty region is not only the well-known Chimbulak ski resort or the Medeo ice rink. For real nomads, winter is a silent steppe for many kilometers around which has fallen asleep till spring under a snow blanket. Fortunately, there is little snow in this region of Kazakhstan and the weather is not as severe as in the north of the country. That allows you to enjoy a vacation in the countryside even at this time of the year - the more so because there are plenty of sunny winter days in the Almaty region.

Feel the real Kazakh nomad life in winter conditions by making a trip in a motorhome along the steppe routes of the Almaty region.

Winter Teardrop Trailer in Kazakhstan

Winter Camping

Do not limit your outdoor experience to the summer season. Taking along a light, mobile and warm Yenisei camper trailer, specially designed for harsh weather conditions - you can go away from the bustle of the city and enjoy outdoor recreation even in winter!

Maneuverability, functionality, minimalism and ease of use - these are the distinguishing features of the Russian-made Yenisei teardrop trailer. It can be transported by any car and does not require an additional driving license category.

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Expedition camper for winter

Winter Off Road

Do you like adventure holidays, non-standard tourism and off-road travel? Then you will definitely wish to ride on the military all-terrain vehicle Steyr Pinzgauer Puch 6x6. It is a rare Austrian-made army 3-axle offroader designed to move around the Alps.

The vehicle is equipped with a warm and spacious cabin, with soft seats which are comfortable to sit on even when riding on bumpy off-road. The seats fold out into a wide bed for a comfortable overnight stay. You can also take your favorite films with you and arrange an evening movie show - there is a large TV inside!

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Big RV Iveco 4x4

Winter Camper

The large all-terrain Iveco Magirus 4x4 camper is an individual technical project combining the off-road qualities of a 4WD military vehicle and the maximum possible comforts of a mobile home in the Kazakhstan conditions.

Autonomous heating, gas, solar panels, electrical equipment under the control of the Smart Home system as well as the built-in kitchen make this vehicle most suitable for off-season camping trips.

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Our Campers

We provide motorhomes in Almaty of various categories depending on the number of passengers, purpose and destination of the trip.

Iveco Magirus

Iveco Magirus

Motorhome 4x4

Steyr Pinzgauer Puch

Steyr Pinzgauer Puch

Off Road Camper 6x6

Mercedes Sprinter

Mercedes Sprinter

Camper Van 4x2

Tabbert Offroad

Tabbert Offroad

Teardrop Trailer

Our Motorcycles

We provide motorcycles in Almaty for any level of training.

KTM 690R

KTM 690R

Off-road bike for experts

KTM Freeride 350

KTM Freeride 350

Special trial bike

Honda XR250 Baja

Honda XR250 Baja

Universal off-road bike

Yamaha Tricker XG250

Yamaha Tricker XG250

Off-road bike for beginners

How to Make an Order?

We will help you choose a camping route depending on your preferences, your free time, as well as the season and weather.
If necessary, we will arrange passenger transfer to the place of departure.
All vehicles are provided with a driver and necessary basic equipment: fuel, drinking and technical water, kitchen equipment, bedding, basic medical kit.
Food is provided by passengers on their own, mini-bar is optional.
Motorcycles, bicycles, an inflatable boat, and other equipment is to be ordered separately.

Enjoy nomadic life in Kazakhstan to discover its wilderness and beauty!

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